Price: 1,600.00 800.00 PHP

Survival Related Perks  

  •   You can bypass Chat Cooldown
  •   You can bypass Teleport Cooldown
  •   The ability to join the server when it is full
  •   You will have access to 30 Player Vaults
  •   You will have the ability to set up to 30 homes
  •   You will be able to have a maximum of 25 items listed in the Auction House


  •   Access to the /fix all command
  •   Access to the /workbench command
  •   Access to the /feed command
    Cooldown: 60 seconds 
  •   Access to the /hat command
  •   Access to the /back command
  •   Access to the /afk command
  •   Access to the /ext command
  •   Access to the /kittycannon command
  •   Access to the /near command
  •   Access to the /ptime command
  •   Access to the /nick command
    You can now use color codes when you set up a nickname
  •   Access to the /tptoggle command
  •   Access to the /fly command


(Use the kit with the command /kit)